Affiliate FAQs

Updated 4 months ago by Darren Crawford

  1. When are payouts made?
    Around the 25th of the month for the previous calendar month. For example: February 25th we would make qualifying payouts for orders from January 1 - 31.
    You must have a minimum of 2 unique purchases (not your own - see below) and a payout of $100 or more to receive your payment.
  2. How can I get paid?
    We use PayPal to make payments at this time. There are no plans to offer alternative methods at this time.
  3. Do I need to complete an IRS W9 or W8BEN form?
    Yes. This is required to be completed and on file before an affiliate can be approved to promote. We send 1099s to all affiliates for sales made through this program. Upon successful registration we will make a request for the appropriate form for e-signature.
  4. Are self-referrals allowed?
    No. We do not allow using your own affiliate link for purchases. Affiliates found to be violating this will automatically be terminated and will forfeit earnings.
  5. What can I promote?
    You can promote any of the Kinobody offerings. Digital programs you can earn up to 50% of the price. Physical goods are 15% of the gross (does not include shipping or taxes). In the PROMOTION tab of your dashboard look for BANNERS then search for the program you want to promote.
  6. How long do tracking cookies last?
    Tracking cookies last 60 days. We use a last-click methodology meaning the last person to refer the buyer will receive the credit. After a sale the cookie is removed.
  7. Why is the cookie removed after the initial sale?
    Kinobody spends millions a year on paid traffic to acquire new customers. Imagine Facebook or Google charged you for the first sale of a new customer. Then they charged you for every future sale because they clicked one of the ads on their platform. It would quickly become unprofitable to offer such an arrangement.
  8. Will Kinobody pay commissions for my referrals if the referral clicks a Kinobody ad?
    We have an extensive retargeting campaign for Kinobody visitors. As long as your cookie is still valid you will receive your commissions. We do not use affiliate links to overwrite your cookies. That's just evil.
  9. Do I receive commissions on future subscription orders?
    No. Just the first purchase.
  10. What are the highest converting offers?
    Typically we see the best results for traffic that visit the survey/quiz to determine their current physique. This historically has made the most money. However you can send traffic via your link to any Kinobody property (,, and receive credit. The landing page for the visitor doesn't have to match the offer they purchase in the future.
  11. What if I am on one of the old affiliate programs?
    You can continue to use the Teachable version ( however you are limited to digital programs only. We'd suggest registering for the new program to have full access to promote the entire Kinobody catalog.
  12. Where do I register again?
    After you've reviewed the terms and conditions then you can visit the Kinobody affiliate signup page.
  13. How long does it take for data to show up in my dashboard?
    Generally clicks and transactions show up within 15 minutes of the event.

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